Hearing loss makes everything difficult – talking with loved ones, having normal social interactions or simply enjoying your favorite show, everything is harder when you can’t hear! Hearing aids are typically the best solution in these cases.

It can also be a challenge to find the right hearing solution for you. That’s why Heritage Audiology is here. Our friendly staff and amazing care team want to help you hear and live better. We proudly offer a variety of hearing aids for our Raleigh clients – let’s help you hear again!

Hearing Aids to Fit Your Needs in Raleigh, NC

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and levels, from simple and sleek to premium and innovative. We have the perfect fit for your lifestyle, health and budget among our wide selection of brands and devices — only one of the many reasons why we are your Raleigh destination for hearing aids.

Our hearing aids are the most up-to-date technology. We offer: In-The-Canal (ITC) Hearing Aids-Discrete and effective, these hearing aids treat severe hearing loss while sitting snuggly in the lower portion of your ear. Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids-These comfortable hearing aids treat all types and severities of hearing loss. And we’ll help you find the perfect color to blend with your skin tone! Bluetooth Options-Connect wirelessly with your favorite device and enjoy optimal, hands-free listening.

Modern Hearing Aids

Your Raleigh Destination for Exceptional and Safe Audiology Care

Like many, we at Heritage Audiology closely monitor the news about Coronavirus (COVID-19), especially for Raleigh. We are open regular business hours, but take every precaution to ensure the safety and good health of our patients from Raleigh and all areas, including:

  • Required masks
  • Temperature checks
  • Phone or video appointment options

Our office is conveniently located just outside of Raleigh at 3150 Rogers Rd, Suite #105, Wake Forest, NC.

Please call us if you have questions or to book an appointment, and remember to stay safe and healthy!

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